University of Chinese Academy of Sciences – My new home!

Changing place has always been a matter of great anxiety for me. Whenever I had to change my place, the first thing that would come in my mind is, “will that new place be better than my previous one?”. As expected, I had to convince myself that the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is going to be the next big shot for my academic and professional career.

Though it wasn’t an easy task to convince myself that it will be better than my previous university ‘Jahangirnagar University’, which has been regarded as the university with the most beautiful campus in Bangladesh. Therefore, deciding to come here was a tough job for me, especially when I could find almost nothing in the internet about this university.

Now that I am here, i would happily recommend this campus to whoever is planning to pursue a higher study with cutting edge research opportunities. Life in China could be hard, but this will pay you back in the long run. It’s not just the research opportunity or career prospects, the campus itself is a very beautiful. Sitting besides the Great wall of China, offers an unique opportunity of enjoying modern life sitting on the lap of nature.

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