Codes are not your enemies

Do you hate this job of following through a code or writing one by yourself? Well, please don’t. Codes are not your enemies. They comes real handy when the time comes, when you discover yourself in deep trouble and there is nobody around to help.


Let’s consider this case scenario where your professor gave you a 60 sheet excel file and asked you to perform some analysis for your graduate thesis. You opened the Excel file and found yourself surrounded by thousands of cells and columns of data pointing guns (literally) at you. Time is ticking and you will have to process them before you can actually perform the analysis. You know how to use functions in Microsoft Excel but you will probably be long dead before you will actually finish it in time because you will have to use these functions so many times repeatedly that it’s almost certain that you will get bored and exhausted.

As I said before, codes may come handy in situations like these as a friend. If you had any previous idea about VBscripts, then your work will be lot easier because, VBscript can perform automated tasks. All you need to do is give an instruction to the computer about what and how to do using the right piece of code. If you are confident with the coding environment and put some effort to construct the automation scripts for the task you are given with, then its just a piece of cake for you. Computer will automate the boring parts of the work on your behalf and you will be smiling in the very next morning when your professor will be satisfied with your efficiency.

There could be a lot of programming language for an wide range of applications but you should only learn the one you need. There is no short-cut in programming but substantial amount of time can be saved by following an effective strategy based on your requirement-schedule matrix. In the next few weeks, I will be your personal guide on how you can set your foot into scientific and technical computing.

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